Summary of recent community media posts / resources

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Core Advice for an Award Winning Film - 30 Tips

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30 Ways to Put the Community Into Film ...

8 Practical Approaches for Community Film Distribution

The Fold of Creativity and Critique: media theory, media practice

Remarks on Social Enterprise Today: Social Enterprise back in fashion but poorly understood

Press Releases: How to gain Free Publicity

Film, technology, games and canapes: Lord Puttnam in Birmingham

The Fantasy World of No Budget Films

Time to Fix the Environment: Manchester shows that Celebrity and Community is not a Toxic Mixture

Our 3-minute film guide for a 3-minute film

Radical Origins of the 'Big Society' ?

The Future of Film Debate: A Short Summary

Twelve Aspects of Postfilm

The Spectre of Community and the Big Society

Some Useful Sites for Community Film

Civil Society Groups and Volunteer Film Projects

Scoping Twelve Broadcasting and Community Media Debates 

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