Twelve Aspects of Postfilm

1. Postfilm is FREE. We are already bombarded by moving images, simulations and surveillance. We resist merely by volunteering our time and our dedication. We subscribe to Creative Commons. No restriction or ownership, please.
2. Postfilm is COMMUNITIES. Working with others we begin to disrupt a mono-cultural “Industry” that serves limited interests and false commercial tastes. By linking with other postfilm communities we combat shallow and deluded capitalist interest groups.
3. Postfilm is OPEN. We will not be asked to produce qualifications or college certificates; or guild, union, association, industry, or any other exclusive membership card. If you have one, throw it away.
4. Postfilm is a range of Co-OPPORTUNITIES for us to think outside the Box (Office)
5. Postfilm is an act of LOVE. We are enriched by a love for what we do and how we share it.
6. Postfilm welcomes MULTI-MEDIA, and TRANSMEDIA. We resist the strait-jackets of specialisation and creative alienation. We play, we interact, we participate.
7. Postfilm resists all hierarchies of study. We are MULTI-DISCIPLINARY. We promote creativity and critique. We think and we feel.
8. Postfilm brings JOY to its participants. We celebrate communication, enchantment, intrigue, dislocation, surprize.
9. Postfilm celebrates PROCESS and PRODUCT. We know that communal making and growth is an end itself. We shun premature and grotesque commodification. But we also know that what we make re-builds our communities.
10. Postfilm is its PARTICIPANTS. We refuse closed systems and a fixed manifesto. We reserve the right to experiment with concepts and practices.
11. Postfilm is the EXPRESSION of our real selves unrestrained by alienating capitalism.
12. Postfilm aims to create spaces free from the ‘white noise’ of the mass media which reduced us to privatized individuals. In this space we seek to create holistic and empowered communities.

A Postfilm Journey:


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