Eight Reasons to Commission a Film to get your Message Out

If we want to create a powerful and authentic message there are many tools and media available. If you are thinking about commissioning a film, or online steaming video, there are some strong reasons to favour a participatory approach to your project. Clients are increasingly expecting information to be available in accessible audio-visual formats - that's why YouTube is now the second biggest search resource after Google.

 "8 Reasons to Commission a Film to get your Message Out" :

  • a short film has more impact than a text-based manual or policy document, which will sit unread on the office shelf.
  • film has the capacity to broaden engagement and participation as many service users have very poor or weak literacy, but will relate to film and web resources
  • film delivers the same message every time leading to clear and reliable outcomes, rather than confused or mixed messages. For instance, we might ask clients to identify the biggest issue that they currently face.
  • public policy (digital inclusion) aims to improve the value and effectiveness of services by harnessing the potential of new media
  • services users and stakeholders will be able to make more informed choices by having easily accessible information available online, anywhere, anytime, 24:7
  • participatory methodology supports civil renewal, by building on authentic experiences of service users and clients
  • showcase other social media and community projects on your website alongside your film; build interactivity and engagement by enabling comments and feedback
  • participatory video has a proven track record in personal and group development work


  1. In your experience, why do voluntary and community groups, and public services, want to commission community films ?

  2. A short film is also not as boring as a powerpoint slide show. I used a film when I presented at a conference and everyone immediately woke up.

  3. And why do people insist on reading long paragraphs of text from a powerpoint ?

    People certainly stand up/wake up when they hear their clients, volunteers or service users speaking up!

    Very Basic film recording and editing is as easy as powerpoint and less likely to crash too


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