Thursday, 17 January 2013

Educational Writings and Skills Blogs

Several of my blogs on education, study skills, academic writing, exams, English language/literature and creativity have now migrated to my new blog which you will find here.

52 Examples of Creative Writing Activities.

Creative Writing: 5 Old Problems and 14 New Principles. 

Poetry at War with Itself: the Sound of Futility. 

My Five a Day: Writing Poetry 1. 

The Vocabulary of Fear, e.g. Onomatophobia. 

Ugly Urchin Alliteration: a Poetry Appreciation Prime.

Gender, Women's Writing and Feminism. 

A Song for St. Cecilia's Day.

52 Favourite Children's Books.

Light and Shadow: the Age of Kindle.

106 Ways to Avoid the word "SAID"

 Sound must seem an echo to the Sense!