Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nonprofit Viral Video Success - A Guide

There's quite a lot that nonprofits, activists, community workers and creative people can learn from corporate media and advertising in order to make a well-meaning video "go viral." 

Much of the advice on viral video is common sense.

Follow these simple steps in order to promote your viral video:
  • include a link or preview of your viral video in all your emails;
  • find out where your supporters and communities of interest are;
  • learn about the social and ethical preferences of your viewers;
  • take part in relevant social media conversations and mention your viral video;
  • respond to popular and relevant videos with similar themes;
  • choose an eye-catching thumbnail - remember that this is what will show up in search results;
  • link to a popular event - and release your video to 'correspond' with news items;
  • use keywords from popular events to help people to 'stumble upon' your viral video;
  • post a personalized thought-provoking message on social media sites such as Disgracebook and Twitter;
  • deploy cryptic clues and questions rather than boring answers or responses;
  • become fiction friendly; your film is not tied living up to factual claims;
  • learn from advertising to tell a story and employs people's faces;
  • start to promote your viral video with a core group of strong connections who are more likely to re-post your viral video than 'weak links' who are only loosely connected;
  • remember that friends and followers who spend a lot of time on line are more likely to spread news about you viral video;
  •  respected individuals with a large following (influencers) should be high on your promotion list. 
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