Roads to PostFilm: A Chronology

Exploring scopophilia, CCTV, celebrity, gaming, inspiring books, global media anxiety and world capitalist domination. Best wishes for 2030 !

1984    George Orwell films Documentary Big Brother and Margaret Thatcher Rules Britain as Iron Lady. 1984 Did Not Happen, claim. (St Andrews, Avanti!)

1984    ‘Video Nasty’ Scares hit Britain and Government introduces Video Recording Act.

1985    Lambeth grants £100 to finance world’s first ‘Scopophilia Awareness Day’ (s.a.d.) on  March 5th .

1985-1995  Lots of new technology and ideas; ethical policy; corporate ethics; corporate cleansing; ethical cleansing; outsourcing. ‘Happy decade’

1986    Jonny Dolour patents the ‘Entertainment Libido’ E.L. meme. Waves of celebrity fever.

1987 World of Borecraft anti-meme released

1996    YewTube ‘goes Big’ with Broadcast Yourself video-share

1997   September 4th Big Brother comes to life in Neverlands.

1997  “Carmageddon, in which the gameplay involved mowing down innocent pedestrians, was the first game to be refused classification […] effectively banning it.[…]  a modified version created in which the pedestrians in question were replaced by green-blooded zombies[…] completed a successful appeal” (Wikipedia)

1997 Thomas Harding, The Video Activist Handbook. Foreword by Anita Roddick.

1998 Brixton declares E.L. ‘meme free zone’

2002 DeeDee Halleck, Hand-held Visions: The Impossible Possibilities of Community Media.

2003 Participatory Video, ed. Shirley A. White

2005 Video For Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism (Pluto Press)

2006 Terrorism Act (UK) outlaws ‘glorification’ of terrorism

2007 Global greed and crisis of capitalism re-branded as Credit Crunch

2009  Revealed: UK Conservative government forgot to inform European Commission about its Video Nasty Act (1984) with the result that the law had been invalid since March 1984.

2009 Charles Leadbeater We-Think: Mass Innovation, not mass production (Profile Books); Slavoj Zizek, First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

2010 Jaron Lanier, You are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto; David Shields, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto; Clay Shirky Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in A Connected Age;  John Grant, Co-Opportunity.

2010   ‘Hit-and-Run’ Incident as Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (1971) leads to Big Society Discourse War

2011   MobiCam revolutions hit China and Iran

2012   Mayor ‘Big Boris’ Karloff launches London CCTV with 500,000 live 24-hour channels

2012   GlobeCon Microcamera discovered living on the edge of a genetically modified chickpea in Delhi supermarket

2012    Banned: Scopophilia ter Deconstruction : dvanajst veda zakaj a Postfilm vsemirje

2013   The Ego Terminus Revolt, claims to be the world’s ‘first and last’ genuine Big Indy Movie

2014   Media Industry Rationalization as ‘Entertainment Only’ Protocol agreed by media partners in bid to stem spread of agit prop meme.

2014   Pentagon releases ‘1 cent’ micro cameras which can inhabit hamburgers and claim they are ‘as small a grain of sand and as painless as pin prick’

2014    Banned cultural theorist Otto Jijeck claims that organo-micro-video-immersive technologies have forged a ‘postfilm universe.’ (Scopophilia and Deconstruction: Twelve Disciplines for a Postfilm Universe (Slovenia 2012))

2014    YewTube claims that it holds 1 trillion years of video content

2015   Outbreak of Scopophilia hits Beverley Hills and Scunthorpe.

2015    Privacy fears as micro-cameras discovered in Bollywood tea leaf.

2015   Gastropod Mollusc docu-drama Slug hit by wanton hermaphroditism

2015   Olaf Feng Shui is the world’s last person to post a video of himself on Yew Tube

2015   Last ‘news’ paper published in the UK

2015   UK legislature orders BBC to stop all educational broadcasts. Plug pulled on ‘anachronistic’ BBC4, R3 and R4.

2016   UK unemployement reaches 6 million. 6-million in the Role, a participant-led event is filmed using a CCTV sabotaged link-up.

2016   US ‘film’ Schools closed as moves to monopoly sponsorship of Global Media Industry Apprenticeships Inc.

2017   ‘Big Society Online’ claim as CCTV UK launched with 4.2 million channels.

2018   Hollywood: The Bigger Os-kars is the only film produced by Hollywood Studio giant Inc

2019   Rainforest Road becomes the Biggest car-chase-crash in history as 30,000 automobiles are smashed up and project carbons emissions hit 4m tons

2020   ‘Star X’ demands $1 billion a minute fee to play ‘CelebrityX’ in Os-kar acceptance speech.

2021   CCTV News hit as Jay’s Hamburger Heist proves to be prank simulation. Wallymart officers press charges in sim test case.

2022   Celebrity Turkey Automobile Mash-Up wins at the Os-kars, as stars continue their strike for $ 1.3 trillion + ‘living wages’

2023   CCTV UK wins all prizes at the Little Os-kars’ Litte Brother’s Awards  in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2024   ‘Scopoholia’ riots in Rome and London

2025   First Despectaculum vaccines take place in Hollywood and Sydney.

2026   Takeover Fever sweeps global stock markets as GlobeCon.Com swallows its rivals and achieves world domination.

2030   ‘Peace Decade’ ends as World of Borecraft hit by Reality Simulation Disorder.


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