It's lamentable that London's violent looters are more interested in phones and brand new trainers than in the creative use of revolutionary collage. If only we could bring dada to the ghetto we would have a happier outcome. Surely, increasing and more effective policing is not the most cost-effective answer.

As the government's emergency COBRA committee meets to discuss its response to riots and looting we turn to more creative solutions to the ennui of modern youth.

Cobralingus offers a radical new remix which is far better suited to modern times.

Jeff Noon, author of Cobralingus explains

"Cobralingus comes completely from my love of electronic music, attempting to give language a little of the freedom that music enjoys. How can language refer to itself? Can it be bent, mutated, made liquid? Sometimes this will bring on certain poetic effects. I wouldn’t myself label it as poetry, because I think that should refer to a more heightened sense of language. I like to fire up words, energise them, drug them, destroy them, bring them back to live in some other form. Cobralingus is the end result of this process.”

Check out the cobralingus engine and other software.


  1. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron returns to his 'broken Britain' analysis today:

    "Do we have the determination to confront the slow-motion moral collapse that has taken place in parts of our country these past few generations?

    "Irresponsibility. Selfishness. Behaving as if your choices have no consequences. Children without fathers. Schools without discipline. Reward without effort.

    "Crime without punishment. Rights without responsibilities. Communities without control. Some of the worst aspects of human nature tolerated, indulged – sometimes even incentivised – by a state and its agencies that in parts have become literally de-moralised.

    "So do we have the determination to confront all this and turn it around? I have the very strong sense that the responsible majority of people in this country not only have that determination; they are crying out for their government to act upon it. And I can assure you, I will not be found wanting."


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