You, Film, and World Transformation

A Manifesto; or, What you Will.

In order to transform the world, I begin by modifying my world;

I am not alone;

We tear down the screens that conceal real worlds;

We wash away the films that darken our vision;

We start to think the transformation of film;

We interrogate what we see around us;

We expand and exceed our frame(s) of reference;

We participate in dialogues about film;

We become enlightened critics of film;

We serve by helping others to produce films;

We discover new platforms to experience film and to share our intuitions and our perceptions;

We experiment with forms, genres, styles and approaches;

We network, co-operate, and collaborate;

We create new film experiences, and new discursive zones, and innovative modalities for action;

We take risks;

We are constantly teaching and learning;

We employ low-cost sustainable technologies;

We respect our fellow workers everywhere;

We explore film's past lives; its forgotten artists, its margins and backwaters;

We cultivate interactivity and feedback loops;

We experience enjoyment, wonder, yearning, satisfaction;

We challenge dominant definitions of film, cinema, industry;

We forge innovative futures for film and cinema;

We labour the local and work the transnational;

We transform our world with creativity, and open hearts, and open minds.



    Hi I come from a more soft research area perhaps, but started out in community media. I have done some work reflecting my son and my media use, trying to see if I can expand on this and find others with whom to work on this, and came across your stuff that looks interesting.


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