Occupy London and the Church of England

Last night the camp was cleared by the police.

If you are interested in these issues you can read my short essay discussing

"Faith, Space and Occupation" here.

Some time ago, the BBC published a selection of comments on the situation outside St Paul's cathedral in London, where a tented village had been established by "Occupy." Legal notice has just been served on the "Occupiers" who may be forced to leave in 48 hours' time. 

George Pitcher, an Anglican priest and former Archbishop of Canterbury's Public Affairs Secretary comments

"Talking about these camps cropping up like boils across our city, and indeed the mayor of London shouting at the protesters, "In the name of God and Mammon go!" I think that's really pantomime material and I'm glad that the Church is dissociating itself from it."


  1. LATEST NEWS from the BBC

    St Paul's Cathedral is suspending its legal action against an anti-capitalist protest camp outside the church.

    A cathedral spokesman said it intended to "engage directly and constructively" with the protesters "without the threat of forcible eviction".

    It said the investment banker Ken Costa would head an initiative "reconnecting the financial with the ethical".

    The City of London Corporation has said it plans to issue eviction letters to the protesters.


  2. Dr Chartres said: "The alarm bells are ringing all over the world. St Paul's has now heard that call.

    "Today's decision means that the doors are most emphatically open to engage with matters concerning not only those encamped around the Cathedral but millions of others in this country and around the globe.

  3. In a further development The Corporation of the City of London has just suspended legal action in the short term.

  4. "St Paul's, the church's reality check

    The Occupy London protest has been a PR disaster for us, but Christianity started badly too. We can learn" Rev Richard Coles



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